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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you request our services, we at BT Orthotic Labs, Inc. highly recommend that you read our answers to the questions we frequently receive from our clients. If you have any concerns we did not cover, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Q. Do I need a prescription from my physician to get an orthosis or prosthesis?

A. Yes. A current prescription is necessary for legal documentation of medical needs as well as for insurance coverage reimbursements.

Q. What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

A. For your first appointment, bring a photo ID, current insurance card, and your prescription. Please bring previously worn orthosis or prosthesis with you as well, regardless if the device no longer fits or is broken.

Q. What kind of shoes can I wear with my orthosis?

A. We usually recommend an oxford/strap shoe with a removable insole and a cushioned sole. However, your orthotist will provide you with a detailed footwear list that is specifically for your needs.

Q. How long should I wear my orthosis each day?

A. Your orthotist will discuss the appropriate wearing schedule with you when you receive your device.

Q. What if my brace no longer fits?

A. Some orthosis may be adjusted to accommodate structural changes. Schedule an appointment with your orthotist for an evaluation.

Q. I have red marks on my foot, ankle, or leg when I remove my brace. What should I do?

A. Red marks should be resolved after removing your brace for 30 minutes. This is normal. If the redness remains or if skin chafing develops, schedule an appointment to have that evaluated. Red marks over bony prominences will need to be addressed immediately. Discontinue your use and schedule an appointment.

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